There is now a new section called Ponies.

Ponies is a deliberately simple snippet and recipe repository motivated by the fact that I usually don't remember most of the API details and idiosyncrasies, and, even worse, could never bring myself to create a system of quickly finding those recurring little tasks which end up being googled/stack overflowed/random favourite forum-ed.

Admittedly, the first question that springs to mind is "WYARR (Why Yet Another Recipe Repository)?". No special reason, apart from being able to cherry pick my favourite methods, whenever an API doesn't enforce TOOWTDI ("There's Only One Way To Do It")

The second question might be "Why is it called Ponies?".
Simply because it's a kind of string of one-trick-ponies and "string" would eventually be a (even) more confusing name.

It is just starting and, as mentioned, I'll use it as personal a note holder. Nevertheless, please feel free to use it if you find it useful.
It supports basic title search as well as language tag searching. Using it as

list lang:scala
will search for (you've guessed it) all the recipes mentioning "list" in the title and tagged with "scala".

Full-text search is not implemented but, time permitting, will be eventually.

Happy coding.